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Why Do We Need Dental Insurance

dental insurance

A PPO dental insurance plan gives you the freedom to choose a dentist in or out of network. At Main Street Dental, we work with your PPO insurance. Melissa , at our front desk will explain your benefits. We are in network with some PPO insurance companies, however, with those PPO insurances that we are not participating with we deduct their payment from your dental bill and we ask you to pay the difference. We work to maximize utilization of your benefits and work to get you reimbursed when applicable. For those PPO insurances that we are not participating with, we will file all claims and paperwork for you.

What Insurance Do You Accept?

Most insurance plans are accepted. If you are covered by a dental insurance plan, we will gladly file your insurance forms for you with a request to have the benefits assigned to the office. If you are responsible for a co-payment, we require that this be paid when treatment begins.

We also accept payment plans and work with outside finance companies as such as Aetna, Metlife, United Healthcare & PPOs to help you finance your dental needs:

Accepted Insurance

  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Guardians

The most neglected parts of our body are our teeth. We spend a lot of money on cosmetics or maintaining our hair, beard, skin etc and let’s not talk about money spent on drinking smoking, expensive dinners. All of these expenses gives you happiness and joy, but have you ever thought about your teeth. As we grow older our whole body starts to deteriorate and so does our teeth. The best most of us do for our teeth is to brush them, some floss and use mouth wash. All these activities are good for your oral hygiene but it does not guarantee that your teeth will stay healthy for the rest of your life. This is why we suggest you get Dental insurance in Philadelphia. Insurance is to make sure that if needed you will not have to spend that extra money on your teeth which can be covered by your insurance. We offer Affordable dental insurance in Philadelphia, these plans are good for your pocket and teeth. While practicing dentistry for many years we know the effects of teeth problems. The patients not only suffer from excruciating pain but in the case of tooth loss the architecture of face changes, not to mention expensive treatments. The point is that we all need to keep our teeth healthy and clean because we need them all our lives. The question you may ask is why do you need dental insurance because your teeth are fine and why should you pay now and why not at the clinic for the problem? The following points will help you get in depth.

1. Dentist Clinic Bills are Super Expensive : If you are going to take chances on your dental care, none of the dentists will recommend it. We provide the Best dental care in Philadelphia and our experts have always recommended patients to have insurance, it is beneficial for them. Dental clinic bills are really expensive. Insurance will come handy when you will have to go through expensive treatments. From our experience, we can say that when a patient faces dental issues they have no other choice but to get it fixed, no matter the cost because the pain is severe. So save yourself from such expenses and get the insurance.

2. Insurance Covers Regular Check Ups : In most of the dental packages, the insured person is offered regular dental checkups completely free of cost. This helps the person to maintain their oral hygiene and keep his or her teeth and gums healthy.

3. Mental Satisfaction : One of the most important factors about any kind of insurance is the feeling of security that comes with it. With dental insurance you can live a carefree life, knowing that you are covered for any teeth issues.

4. Affordability : Dental insurance plans are not very expensive. To know more about Affordable dental insurance in Philadelphia you can visit facilities like Open Your Mouth.

5. Saves Time : Every year lot of people waste school, college and work hours getting treated for teeth problems. With dental insurance, you will have a track of your dental health and will be treated before it is too painful.

So go ahead and buy a dental insurance to make your teeth secure.

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