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Dental emergencies are one of the crises that can arise anytime, anywhere, which is why you must be careful not to aggravate it. You need to immediately get to an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia.

When does one need to visit the emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia?

Minor trauma to the teeth can have a grave impact on your whole facial structure. A wound in the mouth that results in fractured teeth, or mutilation to the gums, require immediate dental attention. While the effect of specific injuries and accidents can be easily mitigated by over the counter medications, in certain instances, visiting an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia becomes necessary.

What if:

  • Your five-year-old decided to take the matter into her own hands to meet the tooth fairy?
  • After an accident leading to a chipped tooth, you notice swelling in your mouth that refuses to go away?
  • You have complications after your dental treatment, such as excessive swelling, intense bleeding, excruciating pain?
  • You accidentally lost your dental crown or filling?
  • You bite your tongue or lip, resulting in excessive bleeding?

If you are experiencing any of those mentioned above or any unexplained dental problem, which does not alleviate with time or over the counter medications, you must immediately visit an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia.

Extra care can help prevent all of these problems, but should you find yourself in a position where you cannot bear the dental pain; you can visit our emergency dental office in Philadelphia. We, at Open your Mouth, are an acclaimed dental service provider, known for providing the best dental care in the city. You can trust our dental services to give you immediate relief from any dental issue

Why must one visit an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia?

  • It is not always the injuries, but an old wound that has aggravated and caused intense pain or an infection in the mouth, swollen gums or abscesses that might make visiting an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia a necessity.
  • A candy or chocolate chip stuck in the mouth can result in loss of the filling leading to severe swelling, which can only be treated by an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia
  • Kids are more prone to dental emergencies with their increasing escapades. They might end up breaking their teeth or damaging their jaw while trying to play with their friends.

How to get in immediate contact with an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia?

An emergency of any severity should not be ignored, especially when it is a dental emergency, in which you must immediately consult an emergency dental clinic in Philadelphia.

There are plenty of options for getting Emergency Dental Care in Philadelphia but how would you know which one is the best for you? Having to decide which dentist should you trust your teeth and face with can be a daunting task. After all, the dental treatment will help you either smile brighter or regularly visit the dentist clinic for a touch-up.

We, at Open Your Mouth are known as the best emergency dental practice in Philadelphia. Regardless of the degree of dental emergency, our emergency dentists are available 24/7 by phone. Whether it is a broken tooth or deep cuts in the tongue, our dentists will make sure you leave the facility, pain-free and smiling.

Our lead dentist, Dr. Richard Eidelson has 25 years of extensive experience and is regarded as one of the best emergency dentists in Philadelphia.

We at Open Your Mouth, firmly believe in the phrase, prevention is better than the cure and strongly recommend you to promptly consult an Emergency Dentist, instead of making the situation worse.

Call us at 215-627-1995, to get your dental emergency treated, instantly by proficient dental professionals.

Our emergency dental care services are available 24*7.

The longer you wait, the more it hurts!

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