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How many of you have gone through the pain of getting braces for a straighter smile? Well, the number doesn’t matter but the trouble of painful adjustments and the struggle with self-image is something that hurts the most. When there was no alternative available for braces, most of us had to go through the ‘not-so-likeable’ treatment. Thanks to advancements in the field of dentistry that now we have got the much wanted replacement. Yes, you heard it absolutely right! Developed in 1999, Invisalign treatment is a painless treatment that is very effective in giving you perfectly aligned teeth. No more crying for getting a beautiful smile as Invisalign gives you what you want the most, an attractive set of teeth without compromising with your self-image and confidence. Now you must be wondering what actually is Invisalign brace treatment and how does it really work. Do not worry for we are going to give answers to all your questions right on!

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What Actually Is Invisalign?

Invisalign system is a solution that straightens your teeth using a sequence of removable aligners that are custom-made particularly for your teeth. And the best part, these are nearly invisible so you do not have to worry about your image. Invisalign brace treatment is the best option available to transform your smile without any pain or hampering your daily life. With Invisalign braces, your teeth will move towards the desired final position little by little by removing every aligner once in 2 weeks. As of now, over half a million people have been benefitted by the Invisalign brace treatment.

Invisible Braces Cost in Philadelphia is little bit high as compare to the traditional braces.


Benefits of Invisalign Brace Treatment

Invisalign brace treatment is definitely better than the conventional brace treatment. Why? The important reasons are listed below:

  • The best thing about Invisalign braces is that these are almost invisible so patients wouldn’t have to compromise with their self-image.
  • Invisalign braces are custom made, hence you’ll get a smile that perfectly fits.
  • Unlike the conventional braces, clear plastic molds of cutting-edge technology are used in Invisalign brace treatment during every stage of alignment.
  • While you take an Invisalign brace treatment in Philadelphia, your Invisalign provider will give you a comprehensive treatment plan making it clear how your teeth will look after the treatment with ClinCheck which is basically a virtual 3-D treatment plan.

Get Invisalign Brace Treatment Today!

If you are convinced enough with the benefits of Invisalign brace treatment and want to get a perfect smile, then Dr. Richard Eidelson at Open your Mouth, will help you in doing that. One of the best dentist in Philadelphia, Dr. Eidelson is known for giving his patients beautiful smiles. With over 25 years of impressive experience, Dr. Richard will help you get the teeth that sparkles. At Open your Mouth, we provide 24/7 emergency dental care and are open on Saturdays as well. We also provide one of the best teeth whitening services in Philadelphia. Instead of working for profits, we work for customer satisfaction and Invisalign brace treatment is something we specialize in. When the results of both the treatments were compared, Invisalign brace treatment proved to be much better than regular brace treatment. So, now you do not have to worry about hiding your smile with those so not appealing braces as Invisalign will give you a charming smile like a hidden well-wisher!

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