Because we, the best dental care in Philadelphia, are all smiles for you

Oh! We love our new patients and how.

You might be skeptical about us, but let us assure you that this hesitation will stay with you only till you don't step in our clinic. For us, you are an epitome of ‘love at first sight'. We provide to you a great location, state-of-the-art equipment, friendly staff, excellent service and above all convenience. So, visit us in case you are looking for services like consultation, x-ray, check-ups etc. and what you will experience will be nothing short of exceptional.

And, when we say you matter to us the most, don't think we are saying this just for the sake of it. We mean this and here are a few example that proves so.

  • We will provide you with free parking
  • Your smile's free cosmetic review will be given
  • No charge will be taken for your single x-ray film
  • There will be a free cosmetic and patient interview as well


We are Head Over Heels for Weddings!

You know what can be the worst thing that can happen to you on your wedding day? A toothache. In fact, other dental dilemmas and chipped tooth also count. No, you certainly can't afford this because your wedding day is the day for you to smile the most and if that smile is fading due to a dental problem then what's the point of us having the best dentist in Philadelphia. This day, instead of bothering about a toothache, you should be bothering about your perfect pictures because that will be the only thing that will matter years later. We understand this and that's the reason why we offer special discounts and rates on a wide range of smile makeovers, teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures, etc.

Our Gift to You on Your Wedding

  • Emergency appointments on your wedding day
  • Appointments will be fixed basis your wedding plans
  • Financing options

Contact us right away and get a chance to avail these offers. Making you smile better is our responsibility and we do all that it takes to do so.


We Proffer Five-Star Benefits!

We, at Open Your Mouth, provide our patients with customer service as good as a five-star's. Not just our humble dentist, Dr. Richard Eidelson provide you with Emergency dental care Philadelphia, but he also makes you feel comfortable and at the ease of your home. Not only the D. himself, but the entire staff will come together in doing so. Our main agenda is to offer our patients with five-star benefits so that whenever they leave us, they do so with a smile on their face.

Mentioned below is a list of our 5-star benefits, go through them to know more about us.

  • Every new patient will get a chance of receiving a free interview and cosmetic consultation with our dentist, Dr. Richard Eidelson.
  • If whiter teeth is your need of the hour then you are at the right place. We offer special patient pricings for our new patients.
  • If you are stressed about anything, don't worry. Just sit back on our massage chair and relax with your eyes closed.

Why Come To Main Street Dental?

  • Open Saturday
  • New Patient Specials
  • 24/7 Emergency Dentist
  • On-Site Lab

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