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Are you looking for an Endodontic or Root Canal Treatment in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist Richard Eidelson, DDS, FAGD

When you need any kind of dental services, you can rely on our expertise here at Open Your Mouth. Endodontic or Root Canal Treatment is one of the most recommended dental treatments in Philadelphia for the removal of tooth’s pulp, a tiny thread-like tissue in the center of the tooth. We welcome all our valuable clients here at Open Your Mouth, and our aim is to make your experience with our dental services the best it could possibly be.

With the recent advancement in dentistry, however at Open Your Mouth dental clinic in Philadelphia our in-house Endodontist and best dental surgeon “Dr. Eidelson”, usually emphasize on a procedure known as Root canal surgery or Endodontic treatment to restore and safeguard the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves, hence saving your precious smile. Millions of people get their teeth treated through endodontic treatment or root canal. It is a much-hyped rumor that root canals hurt too much, but the best dental surgeon in Philadelphia, Dr. Richard Eidelson makes sure that he gives you a painless treatment.


Endodontic or root canal treatment is an oral procedure that replaces infected or damaged pulp in the tooth’s root canal, with a filing. Inside out tooth, under the dentin (a hard layer) and the white enamel, there is a soft tissue which is known as pulp. This pulp which has connective tissues, nerves, and vessels, during development, helps your tooth is growing. When a tooth is grown entirely, it can survive on its own with the help of tissues and without the help of the pulp. Our professional dentist provides services to cater to every requirement that you may need.


There are several advantages of getting an endodontic root canal treatment especially, when you get it done with the best oral surgeon in Philadelphia, Dr. Richard Eidelson.

Here is the list.

  • You will be able to retain your natural tooth
  • Your chewing will improve
  • You will need a normal force for biting and the sensation would be normal as well.
  • Even if it is not natural, it completely looks natural
  • It protects the other teeth as well from any sort of stains or damage

We, at Open Your Mouth, we ensure that our patients experience the best dental services with us. Our dentist, Dr. Richard Eidelson is known to be the best dental surgeon in Philadelphia and aces the art of doing endodontic root canals. No matter if it is a simple case or a complicated one, our dentist gives equal importance to all the cases and makes sure that when a patient says goodbye to us, there is no tinge of dissatisfaction in them.

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